We are now very pleased to offer tissue culturing / cloning of wild specimens for most mushroom species! The process to go from a fresh mushroom to an isolated culture is generally in the range of a month, although can be longer with challenging specimens. The sample should be delivered either fresh or air-dried as per instructions. The faster we get it, the more likely it’ll work. As with any procedure like this, success is not guaranteed, although failure is rare. There is a small non-refundable deposit to cover the cost of materials and lab ware in case of unsuccessful culturing.

Please contact us before sending any samples – some mushrooms are extremely challenging to culture, and some we will elect not to culture. Any legally restricted species will be destroyed upon receipt.

How it works:

  • You send us your mushroom – ideally very fresh and with very fast shipping. If you’re in the Vancouver area, air freight to us from YVR South Terminal is inexpensive and will get here same-day. Otherwise, properly packaged, an overnight courier will be fine. Contact us if your specimen will be dried or cannot be shipped promptly.
  • Please try to keep the area where the stem joins the cap relatively intact, this is the first place we would generally try to remove samples from. The more tissue we get, the better the chance of a good culture.
  • Upon receiving your sample, it will be stored safely until the agar medium is ready, generally the same or next day.
  • Multiple dishes and cultures are made in our lab from your sample on a variety of agar media, the most successful samples will be isolated and further cultured.
  • We send you back your culture in your preferred form. The default is as an agar dish, but liquid cultures or grain spawn can be arranged for an additional charge.
  • The culture will be added to our culture bank for at least several months. Should you ever lose it, you can request another sample for a minimal charge.

It is always recommended to consult with us before sending your sample, both to arrange delivery and to generate a cost estimate based on expected difficulty. Please contact us here.