The Shed, Part 3

Sorry for the long delay – I was busy growing mushrooms! When we last left off, I’d just finished the shed conversion. Now I am pleased to report I’m growing mushrooms in it. The first bag was put in there to fruit on January 28th.

P1010979 copy.jpg

It looks much as it did last time, just with… more shelving and more mushrooms! I’m using black resin shelving for the time being, it could be easier to clean but it’s very cheap and lightweight (and can hold a whole lot of fruiting blocks.)


It’s mostly oysters in there, but several other species are co-existing, including chestnut / cinnamon cap (Pholiota adiposa.)


The overall design hasn’t much changed – although now it’s summer, so the marine space heater has been replaced with a 14,000 BTU/hr portable air conditioner. It’s managed to keep it nice and cool all summer. The fogger was upgraded to 12 ultrasonic fog heads, with a larger fan to move all that moisture around.

IMG_7283 2.jpg

One thing I ended up changing was adding loose filter material (I purchased it as a cut-to-size air conditioner prefilter, it’s just poly filter material) over all of the fan intakes – the humidifier fan runs nonstop, so basically also acts as a crude air filter. Same over the exhaust fan, to preserve its longevity.

Keeping a close eye on the mushrooms and picking when ready is critical to not wasting time cleaning filters daily. With oysters, it only takes a couple over-mature clusters to create an apocalypse of spores in the grow area. I always wear a half-mask respirator when working in there (with just a particulate filter.) I have a stash of disposable N95 dust masks for the rare times when I have a guest coming to view the operation.

Looking back on the old posts, it took a while to get here, but I can’t describe how nice it is to have a fruiting space that will pretty much look after itself for days at a time, other than harvesting. Best of luck in your own endeavors!

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