Mushrooms and climate control

As most of you know, I operate in a fully climate-controlled environment (air flow, RH, temperature, CO2) and yet I still want to have spawn bags incubate fast of course!

How it’s set up is that the AC evaporator unit is pretty much next to the FCs. They stay at 19C/66F or so pretty much all the time. The king oyster LOVES this. I have shiitake in the same fruiting chamber as the king oyster and it doesn’t seem to mind. Oysters, of course, just don’t care.

The nice (and actually planned) thing is that the lab room is across the premises from the AC, always has the door closed, and is generally 4-5 degrees warmer, making it ideal for incubation. Looking to retrofit the shed this year for additional fruiting space, stay tuned!


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